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SHRA - D10 Controlled Scrimmage Notification Form

NEW FOR 2023-24 - Squirts and 10U are only allowed 10 controlled scrimmages (per team) throughout the course of the season. This includes outside the district events as well. You must notify Colleen Donovan if you schedule a controlled scrimmage outside the district.

PLEASE NOTE: This form only needs to be filled out by a District 10 team that is HOSTING the event in a District 10 Arena.

If going out of the district you do not need to fill out this form. (But do have to notify Colleen Donovan)

These events whether in District 10 or outside of District 10 DO NOT count against your game counts for Squirts and 10U.

(A)Use the form below to notify SHRA/District 10. 

ONLY if you are planning to conduct a coaches controlled scrimmage. Only Head Coaches are to fill out this form.

(B)Referee's will NOT be assigned to coaches controlled scrimmage requests and there is no fee.

(C)This form must be submitted and confirmed to conduct a coaches controlled scrimmage

(D)DO NOT use this form if you are Requesting Referee's for a scrimmage! Use the Scrimmage Request form.

You must notify the SHRA - D10 at least 1 Day in advance of the controlled scrimmage.
Coaches-On-Ice scrimmages or "controlled scrimmages" are allowed as a coaching tool for teaching position play and to address various game situations, subject to the following minimum criteria. All of the criteria must be met for the event to be considered a Coaches-On-Ice-Scrimmage.


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