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** All District 10 (Exhibition games) shall be officiated by Suburban Hockey Referees Affiliation (S.H.R.A.) officials only. Referees will be scheduled based on availability. Exhibition game referee requests are to be made through the S.H.R.A. Assignment Secretary (See page #18 of District 10 Handbook).

Please make request at least 6 days prior to event for Referee's to be scheduled.(if less time we will make every effort to fill request) Late fee's will be applied. 

** Fill out the request form below (click submit button).

** Electronic payment is required when filling out request form. The District 10 team should make all requests for Exhibition games in District 10 venues. Payment arrangements with teams outside the district should be handled between teams. 

** Exhibition requests on weekdays(non-holiday) before 5:00pm are double time. 2 requests/payments must be made for those scrimmages.

** Exhibition games are only covered in District 10 arenas. With 3 exceptions (Excel, Ridder and 3M at U of M) additional fee’s will be required for scrimmages at these venue’s.

** On occasion a date may be blocked from Exhibition requests. Usually due to a high volume of tournaments on that particular date. You cannot use officials from outside the district on those dates (refer to top of document) Page #18 of District 10 handbook.

** A scoresheet must be filled out in all Exhibition games. Either electronically or paper copy. Referee’s will not start a Exhibition game without proper documentation of the game. 

A cancellation fee will be charged to requesting team if Exhibition game is not canceled 14 days prior to event. ($75.00 for 2 man & $100.00 For 3 man requests)

Note: If canceled game was a late request a $20.00 charge will be applied.

No refund will be issued for Exhibition games canceled within 2 days of the event (New for the 2023-24 season)

Cancellation requests will be refunded within 7 days of cancellation.

IMPORTANT: Check to make sure referee's are there 20 minutes prior to start time. If they are not present call the referee hotline immediately. 763.670.6039

NOTE: The referee's may be on the ice prior to your event, check in with them also.

Double check your request before Submitting


- Thank you for your request.

You must request officials for your Exhibition at least 48 hours in advance of the game.

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